Calls From Africa, Inc., in collaboration with those living in the Diaspora and our Friends on the Continent, wants to serve in a concentrated effort, to offer wider coverage and strategic impact, directly contributing to specific community service initiatives.  Community Service Projects are the benchmark of CFA and fully embody the mission to be the bridge. There is strength in numbers and collectively, we can positively impact countries, in a resourceful manner by lifting up communities and spreading cultural appreciation, uphold cultural integrity, maintain mutual respect, and pride through building relationships and creating bonds.  We are a Global Community.  

CFA Ripple Effect

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Calls From Africa created The Ripple Effect project which is a Cryptocurrency learning and resource group of like-minded forward-thinking individuals, that have a desire to support, empower, and enlighten socially-economically disadvantaged youth to learn about Cryptocurrency and its impact on the future.

Project Embrace

Inspired by Amie Jobe

Embracing one young lady at a time seeking to exit out of child marriage.

Design Africa

Fashion for the Future

The Design Africa Project endeavors to bring professional training, resources, materials, and opportunities to aspiring young fashion designers, mothers desiring to be merchants, and men who are artisans and creators across the continent!

Safe Spaces

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Safe Spaces is our private Facebook group dedicated to supporting women who have an interest in child marriage prevention.