Calls From Africa, Inc. is proud to offer three (3) programs for our people from the Diaspora to connect with our Friends in Africa.  Our programs operate on a monthly basis (four-week increments) with options to extend the classroom sessions for three to six months.  These offerings can be purchased in our Programs section.

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*All program locations and offerings are subject to the availability of our volunteers.


Our Student Program is a month-long group of classes that consist of One-on-One or Small Group video conferences geared towards learning language and culture of one of our offerings.  Each student session will last for one (1) hour and meets four (4) times with one of our available Student Friends.  Our program can be continued as long as you would like when you sign up for extended terms (three or six months).

Pricing starts at $50 for one month of classes with up to five (5) participants per session.  Each additional student will cost $10 per month and up to 10 people.

Please contact us for groups greater than 10.

Our Vacationer Program is focused on not only language and culture (the student program is included), but also key aspects of your visit to Africa.  Each family will also receive a local location tour with one of our available Vacationer Friends and other video content such as airport rides, cultural checklist, city walks, and market tours. 

Pricing starts at $75 for each family with up to five (5) participants per session.  Each additional member will cost $10 per month  up to 10 people maximum. 

Please contact us for groups greater than 10.

Our Repatriation Program is a six (6) month learning adventure for people serious about returning to the African continent.  The program contains all the benefits of the Student and Vacationer programs along with our Community Connections offering.  Community Connections is our network of knowledgeable Repat Friends who have various professional skills (from Real Estate, Medical, Small business consulting, etc.) who are happy to assist in your move.

Pricing starts at $600 for each family with up to five (5)participants per session for the six (6) month program.  Each additional member will cost $10 per month up to 10 people maximum.

Please contact us for families greater than 10.