Design Africa

Everyone, here is the substance of things... the REASON I'm on the continent in the first place.... to share my skills and be an asset to many!! Someone once told me that IF your goals don't scare you, they aren't BIG ENOUGH! LOL Well here I am... and the GREAT NEWS is that I've found a small local academy that needs a Fashion Design Instructor!!! The Academy is focused on empowering young people and keeping them off the streets. Those who "can" pay do... but many can't and are on scholarship. This amazing place has no budget to pay me any salary, let alone purchase the many supplies needed to properly train in the professional techniques and industry standards necessary to be a successful Designer/Tailor.

The Gaye Njorro Academy for Youth Empowerment began with a Beauty Program approximately 13 years ago, which is still its largest program. It later added a catering program and is grooming The Gambia’s next crop of Chefs and Culinary Professionals, and the newest in its training programs is Tailoring/Garment Construction Certificate Program which they endeavor to grow into a full Fashion Design Diploma Program. They currently have a small room with sewing machines, and an additional small classroom that houses three separate classes of beautiful eager students... In addition to becoming an integral part of creating a thriving Fashion Design Program, I have already forged an external partnership with the academy as part of their “learning and earning” core belief.

Separately, I’ve been offered commercial space in a new building scheduled to open on July 1, 2021 that will allow me to open the Phoenyx Reign Boutique and Adjacent Skincare Studio (Unicorn Skin Studio) that will be designated locations for internships for both fashion and beauty students as well as employment for graduates. I want to help to ensure the success of every student, help build a solid Fashion Design Program here, and be a solid partner with the program as the "next step" for advanced level training, small manufacturing, and entrepreneurship so that graduate students of this program will be able to move comfortably and confidently throughout the fashion industry, knowing they have a strong professional foundation! No one does it alone… and so I, along with my strategic partners, “Calls From Africa, Inc.”, Invite you to help establish "The Design Africa"... as the funding source for the classes I will teach, as well as purchase and provide necessary supplies, materials, tools and even proper equipment I will use to instruct and offer hands on experience to the students.... there are currently about 100-150 students enrolled in the Fashion Design program. I want students to get practical, hands on experience actually using the actual equipment, tools, and materials that they would encounter in real world experiences.

When the classes I instruct are launched I want to be able to provide everything the student will need to be successful in each particular course so as not to also be a burden on the Academy’s limited budget. This includes class equipment for class demo and practical instruction such as… dress forms for draping instruction, the building of proper drafting tables, gosh and so much more!!! YES... it's BIG GOAL… its my calling actually… I’ve travelled to an entirely different continent in pursuit of it… and I'm stepping out onto NOTHING... praying that you will help me turn it into SOMETHING MIRACULOUS!!! I will share pics, videos, student stories and testimonials, and more with those of you who commit to helping me accomplish this huge mission!!! Can WE do this???? Well... I once jumped out of a plane so YES...I THINK YES!!! I look forward to having your commitment to grow The Design Africa into a future funding source to make a major impact on the fashion industry in The Gambia.


Phoenyx Reign