Calls From Africa, Inc. (CFA), is looking for volunteers from Africa or the Diaspora sharing the same desire to create connections with others with the intent to willingly and pleasantly teach and inform our Students, Vacationers, and Repats about the languages and cultures of Africa.  Volunteers must have internet access*, experience with video editing, uploading, and equipped with adequate supplies and equipment **, as well as a warm and friendly personality that shines in a one-on-one or a small group video chat setting.  Volunteers must be able to speak and read English as we are a USA based non-profit.  

Not only are you a Friend to CFA, but we expect you to be a Friend to your community.  We love to partner with local charities and individuals who can identify projects and/or people where an impact can be made.  This means your volunteer hours can turn directly into donations for the culture and the people represented by you.  Select one of the four following volunteer Friend options and let us know who you are.  

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* Internet will not be provided or paid for by Calls From Africa Inc.

** All equipment, software etc. will not be provided or paid for by Calls From Africa, Inc.


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What does it take to be a Friend?


A Student Friend  (SFVis a volunteer that finds joy in teaching people the language and culture of a given location within Africa.  A SFV will be willing and able to do one-on-one or small group video calls, in a professional manner, with a fun attitude.  The ability to read and communicate in English is a necessary skill set, as well as the ability to follow a lesson plan outline.  SFV's must have an internet enabled device with a reliable connection.  Most importantly, a SFV must have the patience and grace to showcase Africa and all of the great culture within the continent.


A Vacationer Friend (VFVis a volunteer that loves to visit and tour locations in and around their community, with a video recorder, and share the sites and sounds with the world.  A VFV should have basic video editing and software skills to create projects for both live and recorded presentations.  The ability to read and communicate in English is a necessary skill set, along with the ability to follow written directions.  VFV's must have an internet enabled device with a reliable connection.  


A Repatriation Friend (RFVis a volunteer that has a strong desire to help the Diaspora return to Africa.  RFV's are knowledgeable and are able to advise about a range of topics from real estate, living arrangements, business, and investing, etc.  Simply put, the RFV's make the transition easy for people who want to make a home in Africa.  The ability to read and communicate in English is a necessary skill set, along with the ability to follow written directions.  RFV's must have an internet enabled device with a reliable connection.  


A Team Friend (TFVis a volunteer that can organize Friends in their local community to provide all of the needs of the Students, Vacationers, and Repats.  TFV's can preform any or all roles created by CFA, if possible.  A TFV has or can identify local charities, businesses, projects or individuals who can benefit from the donations raised.  We encourage people who have an operating charity or small business that seeks to help the community in which they currently serve, to be a Friend!


An Admin Friend is a volunteer that has a specific skill set that can aid our mission at the corporate level.  An Admin Friend will work with the internal team to provide insight and ideas related to their expertise.  We encourage professionals in various industries who would like to help the CFA mission to be a Friend!