When you hear Africa calling...it's time to answer the call.

Our vision at Calls From Africa, Inc. is to create a safe learning environment for those living in the Diaspora who want to embrace the language and cultures of Africa from the people of Africa.

At Calls From Africa Inc., we believe that communication, community, and mutual respect are everything.  We believe without these principles there will be no clear path forward for our communities in this ever-changing digital world.  Our goal is to start these conversations and make connections with the high hopes of developing long-lasting relationships between the Diaspora and the people of Africa.  If you want to learn about different cultures and communities, take an extended vacation or repatriate back to the continent, Calls From Africa Inc. wants to foster the interaction that creates the best experience for everyone.  

As the Diaspora makes these connections to the many Friends in our network, our ability grows to

impact the communities that our Friends call home.  It is time to commune with, learn with, and work with our global community.  

Calls From Africa, Inc. believes in taking a minimalist approach to the operation of the business side to have the maximum impact in the communities we engage.