Whether you are a Repat, a Vacationer, or an eager Student...Calls From Africa, Inc. offers the opportunity for individuals or groups to learn the essential language and cultural skills to create respectful and lasting relationships with our FRIENDS in Africa. 

At Calls From Africa, Inc., we also focus on our volunteer FRIENDS and the communities they call home.  The only request of our FRIENDS is to show the people of the Diaspora the beauty of their home country.  We also understand our FRIENDS have an interest in learning from the Diaspora and we look to fulfill that need as well.

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Let's learn together.


When you hear Africa calling...it's time to answer the call.

Welcome to Calls From Africa!

Any donation to CFA is highly appreciated and will be used to bring opportunities to so many people.  The impact you will have can continue the positive direction of the continent and help to bring people together by creating opportunities for global collaboration.  

CFA is in the business of creating lasting relationships between the people of the Diaspora and those living in Africa.  Our FRIENDS are the life blood of our movement.  So whether you are living on the continent or not currently, we would love to have you as part of our volunteer group of FRIENDS.

CFA's mission is to offer a collaborative language and cultural learning environment for those living in the Diaspora to engage with the people of Africa and help build strong and lasting relationships.